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"We care about the lives of those 
in the North East, and want to 
provide help where we can"
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"We care about the lives of those 
in the North East, and want to 
provide help where we can"
"Thanks again for being so understanding and helpful - you're like a light in a fog, as without your guidance I would lose myself into fear - Client Feedback"


North East Law Centre provides free legal advice to people across the North East who can’t afford to pay for a solicitor and who are not eligible for funded legal advice through Legal Aid.

North East Law Centre is an independent charity, established in 1978. 

We develop services that are targeted at groups of the community who have the greatest need such as:

  • the unemployed and low paid
  • disabled people
  • BME communities
  • women and children
  • North East Law Centre is different from other agencies and organisations because we provide legal representation and
  • individual casework aimed 
  • at the early and timely resolution 
  • of problems which may otherwise 
  • escalate to more resource intensive parts of the justice system

North East Law Centre is able to deliver services in new and innovative ways and are independent of the government so free to be on the client’s side.

North East Law Centre has a range of services that are funded entirely by grants from charitable trusts and foundations and Newcastle City Council.

Where we are unable to provide free services, we have developed affordable services so that people in North East England can access good quality legal advice for as low cost as possible.

We do not hold a Legal Aid contract. When we feel someone may be eligible for Legal Aid we will signpost them to a Legal Aid provider.

We are always grateful for support, so please have a look at the support section of the website to see how you can help the Law Centre financially or with your time.

Please get in touch for further in relation to these services and for details of our next appointments

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